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New behavior: Elliptic

A new behavior called “Elliptic“, compatible with Construct 3 and 2, has just been released on the Scirra asset store. It’s a simple but useful addon designed to help in the creation of typical sprite-based effects like explosions.

You can check it out for yourself and mess around with its settings with a quick visit to the Scirra arcade.


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Nostalgia: Q3E maps in Construct Classic

For me, like for many other Construct users, one of the most fun things to do back in the day with Construct Classic was surely to mess around with sprite distortion.

Define a distort map

, displace coordinates in Z space and watch how your previously flat world turns 3D. There have been some impressive showings using this feature, especially from math savvy users like the legendary Quazi (sycophant alert :D).

I also dabbled in some humble endeavors involving distortion, but my most ambitious idea in this direction shouldn’t really ever come to pass.

In my defense a blocky 3D look wasn’t quite as tired as it appears today and my goal was to create a level editor for something just like that. Cuboids made up of distorted sprites building the level scenery.

Having had a brief history with using GtkRadiant for Quake 3 engine games, I based the way the editor should work roughly on that.

Radioactive Satansim Engine Editor

Originally I dubbed this project the “Radioactive Satanism Engine” and it is probably better you do not ask why. Eventually the title would become the much more reasonable “Cuboid Engine for Construct Classic” or “CUE.cc”. Continue reading Nostalgia: Q3E maps in Construct Classic