You have come to the right place to play some games! While this list isn’t an exhaustive overview of every game I ever created, it does feature the most notable titles.

I usually use an amazing piece of software known as Construct 2 to create my games and I do encourage anyone with even a slight interest in game development to try it!

Title Genre Description
NCD NCD Horror NCD is a a short and crude horror game, which was created over the course of October 2014.
Hair Cop Hair Cop Retro Hair Cop is a hard 8bit-inspired platformer. Made for Ludum Dare #27 in only 48 hours.
RUE remix RUE remix Arcade A love letter to tough retro shooters, but with a unique rotary twist.
Sky/Limit Sky/Limit Retro Sky/Limit blends platforming with puzzle elements in a colorful but explosive environment.
Slasher Boy Slasher Boy Retro A brave Slasher Boy needs to save the world of horror from an invasion of creepy long-haired asian ghosts.

Casual games

Title Genre Description
Ikoiki Ikoiki Puzzle Help the cute blue Ikoiki to eat all the cupcakes in every level. Switch gravity and manipulate objects in order to achieve your tasty goal.
Crypta Crypta Puzzle Hunt for the highest score in this challenging skull-themed match-3 puzzle game.

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