A new plugin for matching things

Earlier this year I have been working on yet another match-3 game. Being developed in Construct 2


, handling the whole logic in the event system can be a little tiresome. And certainly not ideal if you plan to use your engine again in another project.

Therefore it seemed the smartest option to create a plugin for this purpose. Doing a bit of research I found the jMatch3 lib

, created by Cyrille Bogaert, which provided the functionality I seeked. So naturally (and with permission) I created a Construct 2 plugin using jMatch3.

And while everything works fine, I never came around finishing that game. In an effort to not let it be all for nothing

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, I’m releasing the plugin to the public, so other developers might make better use of it. Grab it from the plugins section.

A big thanks goes out to Cyrille who made this awesome lib!

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